Employee Wellbeing

In order to maintain good employee health and increase well-being in the workplace, knowledge and the right actions in a timely manner are crucial.

About Flow

What is Flow?

Flow is a strategic tool for you as an employer to enable effective, cost-efficient and easily packaged proactive work towards improved well-being and its effects in your organisation.

Flow is a fully digital service that enables individuals to evaluate their well-being, and through quality self-help programmes, begin the process of feeling better.

Why is it needed?

In periods of life, there are many who experience negative stress, sleeping difficulties, depression, and anxiety.

Not as many talk about it, but researchers at the Karolinska Insitute have concluded that as many as 20% of individuals in Swedish workplaces suffer from some form of poor well-being.

The financial and human consequences of this are comprehensive, but they don’t have to be. As psychologists, we know that there are effective methods to prevent poor well-being. But, we also know that only a small percentage of those affected actually seek help.

Flow is designed to be scalable for organizations of all sizes and to work effectively and encouraging towards well-being and healthier finances for organizations.

Flow is developed to provide a low threshold for users so that they can get the help they need when they need it.

Flow enables the individual to work proactively with their well-being, and when the individuals that make up the organization feel well, the performance increases for everyone.

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