Improve employee wellbeing in the workplace

FLOW is a digital app solution that can help you improve the strategy, and proactively work, towards increased employee wellbeing. FLOW is 100% anonymous and research-based.

With Flow, we have combined the latest research together with 20 years of extensive PBM experience to promote wellbeing in the workplace

Loo Westfeldt

Loo Westfeldt Licensed psychologist


Enable your employees to understand and improve their wellbeing

Employees can anonymously self-assess, anytime and anywhere, whether they are at risk of stress, anxiety, depression or other wellness difficulties.


Equip your managers with a concrete tool for enabling thriving teams

Let FLOW be the research-based, concrete tool for managers to help support both their employees, and themselves, to feel well and therefore perform in a sustainable way.


A more cost-effective approach to employee wellbeing

FLOW reduces the direct and indirect costs of poor wellbeing by at least SEK 500,000 per 100 employees.

How it works


1. Employees answer questions about their wellbeing regularly, completely anonymously

Through a short survey of 18 questions, you will get a first indication of whether you seem to be doing well or need an in-depth evaluation.

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2. The employee conducts an in-depth evaluation if the results indicate a risk of poorer wellbeing

After the in-depth assessment, you will have a more detailed understanding of what you can do to improve your wellbeing in both the short and long term.


3. The employee chooses self-help courses that can remedy the difficulties

FLOW provides you with suitable self-help courses towards better well-being, such as courses for stress management, sleep problems, anxiety, depression and more.

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